The Lord is moving me into a greater confidence of telling people what I’m going through! God is doing so many good things in me and for a while I’ve been afraid to speak about it! I’m realizing that some of the criticism I received for coming to IHOP has hindered me here! They said to me, “You’re joining a cult, you’re going astray!” And I took it harshly. I knew I wasn’t and I wish they could understand how far from that this all is, but for some reason it scared me into silence. I’ve been afraid to talk about the things God is doing because they are extreme and great, possibly new and different for those accusing me, but here’s the truth: God is giving me confidence in what He is doing and it’s backed by scripture in a way never before! I have the confidence of scripture behind my back and no one can argue with that! Even then, the Lord is revealing to me that His opinion of me is far more important than that of mans!

So from now on expect some pretty crazy awesome things! The real blog starts now!

Now back to class from 3 min break! Lata peeps.


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