I never seem to be in the mood

to blog when I have free time, rather, I always want to blog when I’m in the moment of some great epiphany and inspiration. It’s always been something I’ve done during that time to capture the moment… much like journalling but more put together and produced. The desire is there, just not the timing. On the other hand, I am journalling like a crazy man and really enjoying it too! I’m actually finding delight in looking over my entries within the past month and I’m amazed to see how much has happened! God is working on so many things in me, and I’m understanding the depths of His love and wisdom to a greater extent!

Now, since I’m not really in the mood to write, here’s a snippet from my journal:


You’ve set me up as a blessing-giver. Help me take on and express what is in my heart. Pour out my life into theirs -make me a father of many -having great anointing that I may touch their lives, giving an everlasting impression of love and affection for them… Bless me with authority on my whole being -that I may sing a song that is from you heart. For all authority has been given to you by the Father. May I speak with the authority of Christ -being knit close to your heart…. Jesus help me. Discipline me! Guide me! God make me like Paul in the sense that I proclaim the gospel and encourage/build up the believers -that I may present them mature -Make me one who is integral in maturing your Bride by knowledge and understanding!

I know, no one does this. Hope you liked! Now I’m off to a sort of onething staff meeting where we will find out what worship teams/team we’re on for the JPR. Sweet! Peace.

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