a note concerning the previous post

I wanted to say a few things concerning the previous post.

My intention was to raise awareness of the false christs and prophets that will perform signs and deceive people. This is something Jesus warned against and I have a strong burden concerning it!

As for any of my personal beliefs found in the blog, or in anything I say for that matter, please consider them for what they are. I don’t mind any disagreements with them (I encourage them to provoke thought), and I realize that I am not perfect but striving for perfection in Christ. Mainly what I’m trying to get across is that it is not good enough for you to just take mine or anyone’s word and place it above the Word of God. It is the true authority. Who am I that I should teach you? Instead, it is necessary that you search the Bible and allow the Spirit of God to teach you as you abide in Jesus.

I wrote the blog to stir up your hearts that you may do just that, and I am striving to not do anything out of my own agenda which is a battle I face. Thanks for your understanding.


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