In Silence

I’ve been reading through Malachi and realizing some things.

Our God calls for pleasing and acceptable sacrifices -that which is pure and without blemish and even all that we have. And He’s calling out those who say they’ll give it all, but turn and give only a morsel. It’s serious to him and he says in response to their greed, “Oh that there were one among you who would shut the doors, that you might not kindle fire on my altar in vain!” (Mal 1:10a) He desires our genuine hearts and not empty deeds.

I was reading through thinking about the weight of God’s holiness and the demand he has for our worship. I think it’s safe to say that no one really understands the complete depths of how incredibly great our God is! And in the midst of Him being completely Glorious and Holy, He chose to make a way for us to know him through the blood of Jesus which washes away our sin! It is the only way we enter in and have a relationship with God!

And this is the very thing I want to strive for every day. I want to know and understand all that He has done this for –to experience intimacy with the God of the universe and understand the riches of his Son expressed to me in by the Spirit he has given

Back to what I originally wanted to talk about! Ha!

The other night I sat in silence in the midst of heavenly choruses, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy….” And this is the thing I set out to know –God in His Holiness, I didn’t want to pass it by as something normal, rather I wanted to find my place humbled before the Holy God, Yahweh, who is alone Sovereign and Good! So I just sat there, and it was more than just my act of wanting to see him or humble myself before him–God himself met me there and I was speechless. It’s not that I saw the form of God, but I was so aware of my closeness to this Holy God in a way that I hadn’t been before in a long time. I couldn’t even sing or pray, I just sat there in the realization of God. I was aware that I could even sit before the Holy God of the Universe with nothing to offer from myself, just to sit in awe. I said nothing while I was there until it ended and I was left with a reoccurring phrase of shock and wonder in calmness, “Oh my God, Oh my God…”

I actually wrote that about a month ago, but didn’t decide to post it until now. That experience has inspired me to seek out the Glory of God. I think it’s what inspires us to worship God in the first place.

Another cool thing on this topic: First let me say how awesome the other 70 some interns are! It’s not uncommon for them to pass around encouraging notes to one another that call our things that God has placed on their hearts about each other. So the other day I get a full page of awesome things about the heart of God over me, one of which is the fact that God LOVES when I sit in silence and just gaze on the beauty of God!! I read it one night after I went to bed and couldn’t sleep after forgetting it was in my pocket throughout the day and I just broke out in tears that moment that God would use something like that to encourage me so much in my own desires! Really, it has been the longing of my heart to just sit and gaze on the beauty of God in silence for a long time! But somewhere that’s been lost by spreading myself thin and losing my priorities. But mainly what I’m saying is “Wow!” What a wonderful God that loves when I just sit and enjoy Him! Here’s a testament to the divine wisdom of God that created a system in which we take pleasure His pleasure. That just throws me for a loop.

Have a good day or night wherever you may be! Leave a comment! Let me know someone is reading these things!


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2 responses to “In Silence

  1. Teresa

    I wish I could blog like you.

  2. jhar2009

    Good stuff, man! I am glad you are enjoying your internship.

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