At the End of the Rope

I could go into detail about the depths of my wrecked state and how defeated I feel, but I’ve reserved that for Teresa in my letters as of late.


I have to say, I haven’t felt like this in years, but it’s the best and worse feeling I’ve had since then, maybe since I can remember! I’m constantly being reminded as I come to the Lord how broken and weak I am. My emotions are haywire, my mind running in circles, my energy sapped, my resources failed, but I’m all the more aware of this one thing: God is my strength and He provides for me in every way! All my walls come crashing down and I’m left in pieces, but what a sturdy foundation I have when I look at Christ! He is everything I need! How did the depths of man come into fellowship with the power of God -He has become my refuge and I’m blessed beyond all my dreams!

And I’m certain that this is just the beginning as He continues to break in with this great wrecking ball, but what a reward! God Himself as my strength! I have nothing and everything at the same time!


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  1. Hi-
    I think you pretty fabulouse. I’m soooo glad your dating my friend. As far as what else I think of you- details will procede later when I’m not to tired to think.

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