probably the coolest game you’ve ever played

In the days when myspace flourished I posted something similar to this and it was actually a lot of fun. I’m hoping it’s as awesome on this here blog as it was back then. Here’s how it works:

You leave me a comment and I’ll tell you what I think about you. Very simple right? Do it! 🙂



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13 responses to “probably the coolest game you’ve ever played

  1. Bryant Matheu

    here’s your first comment 🙂

    • Bryant Matheu!

      I’ve always liked how unashamed you are of the Lord and you’re straightforwardness in the proper time. You’re not afraid to rebuke someone if they’re in the wrong and you’re sincere about what you believe. (I think that’s a really good combination because it makes me respect you if you have something to say). Back to you and the Lord personally, from what I could see, you’re thoughts are always on Him -I’ve watched you make decisions and you’ve seemed to always put Him first, seeking Him diligently in prayer (it’s your sold out submission to the Lord, really!) Other than that, I’ve liked watching how good you are with blessing people one-on-one -I’m not sure what all goes down, but I know you’re devoted to the people you’ve poured yourself out to in love that even your friendship with them as a whole would be to their benefit as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

      That’s all I can think of now. Blessings sir.

  2. Abigail Williams (haha, sorry leaving a comment was so hard for you…)

    I’m sure you here it all the time, but the Lord has really gifted you with all kinds of creative juices. And the thing I like is that it’s not just in you making art, but your whole mind functions on the artsy side. Like the way the Lord speaks to you is all the more artsy because that’s how He made you. “Welcoming” is also a good word for you. I remember when I first met Teresa and I just remember how kind you were to me and it made me feel not awkward off to myself when I would normally would feel that way. “Friendly” doesn’t really do justice -you’re welcoming. Also, I just admire how solid you are when it comes to your devotion to the Lord. I’ve seen this in just practical things like The Burn and the way you worship and the things you talk about. That’s all Abigail!

    • Luke! Man, I don’t know you too well, but I know enough to say that you’re a genuine encourager and someone who isn’t afraid of following the Lord with your whole life -like you go where He directs you step by step and you want His opinion on everything in life. Not only do you hear from the Lord but you make an effort to do something with it by using your strength to be faithful in what He gives you. You’re a good steward of the word of God. I’ve seen all of this from the love you have for people and speaking life into them! (I’ve benefited from that over the past few months for sure.) Thanks for all the encouragement with my music and speaking into my life.

  3. Joey Harwell

    Here’s your comment.

    • Joey! You are hungry for the Lord and I love the way you are fully committed to him in all your ways. And you’re not concerned of what the world will say about your blatantly honest pursuit of the Lord! You’re more concerned with what the Lord has to say -you fear the Lord and put Him before men.

      Also, you’re a good friend who is trustworthy and full of wisdom. I’ve always felt like I’ve benefited from just talking with you and at the same time I’ve felt welcomed and treated with respect and love as a brother in the same race. Also, you’re a servant at all costs who puts others needs before your own. I’ve watched you spend yourself to serve others and that pleases the Lord!

      Last thing I’ll say is that I love how you value and understand prayer! The Lord is always on your mind and you’re confident that He hears and answers you as you intercede for all things!

      I can’t wait to hang out with you man. You are truly a blessing.

    • JOHHNNY!!! JIMMY!!!! JEREMY…… Josh?

      Jacob Cole, I have to tell you I love the way the Lord has uniquely created you and how you KNOW IT! I can tell you walk around with the confidence that the Lord really enjoys you so you don’t have to do anything to please man. I’ve always gotten the impression that you’re confident in yourself. That’s probably why you’re so ridiculously goofy/funny?! yea?

      Also, I think you’re full of good things to say always at the appropriate time! Don’t be afraid to speak up because what you have to say really is worth hearing.

      And who knew you did random cool things like “workin” ebay, and making websites… you’re a character.

      Oh yeah, I also think you’re a thoughtful man of love (that’s a replacement for ‘lover’ because that just sounds funny -what I’m trying to say is that I think you know how to love people well!) It’s always blessed me at least!

  4. awakenedear

    I’ve enjoyed the rest of your blog!
    So let’s try this out….
    (you don’t know too well. Good luck.)

    • This is kinda embarassing to me….maybe.

      I don’t think I know who you are at all! I’m a name person, and I guess these blogs aren’t the best for personal identification… 😛

      But, while trying to figure out who you were, I read some of your blog and I kept thinking, “This guy really loves the Lord and is pursuing Him in a way that is full of the stuff that draws people in, but not by you’re own strength, it’s more the Lord’s doing and His anointing on your life!”

      So keep doing what you’re doing with that blog there, and keep doing it well! 🙂

      So uh…. what’s your name? Where do I know you from?

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