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Well it’s been less than 7 days since I’ve come home from IHOP and here I am in Shawnee, Oklahoma on a trip to New York for Reclamation 2010 with some friends from the Burning One’s Internship. I knew the past week would be crazy, but not as draining as I expected. Try to cram visiting with family, fixing my car, moving out, and catching up with Teresa into 1 week -give, the week before Christmas… it wasn’t the most restful thing, but that all changed in an instant after arriving here! đŸ™‚

There is so much going on in this next year, but I feel so ready for it all. (I don’t know if I’d ever felt so ready for it all than within the past month actually!) I’m starting fundraising for South Africa, the UK, and Israel in the weeks to come, while planning out all the details for the Israel trip which I will be leading with Teresa.

It seems one of my main prayers lately has been that the Lord would strike me with a vision for all of these trips and for the other awesome things happening within the next year. I want to understand exactly what He’s doing in me and be a good steward of these opportunities to serve and lead and plan.

In other exciting news, while at IHOP I made a new CD! I can honestly say I’m more proud of it than anything else I’ve ever done musically. The songs flow well together, the theme is clear but profound, I mixed everything on my own, I stopped trying to sound a certain way or model myself after someone else but instead allowed the song of my heart to come out without any restraint -these all contributed to a very pleasing product to my own liking as well as many other interns who bought a copy. I’m actually really eager to start selling them here too, hence, “The Chad Carpenter is Home Show at Buon Giorno” on January 8th.

And for now, I have nothing to do for a whole 2 days beside hang out with Teresa and Burn friends. And of course, burn more CD’s for the show; start working on Israel stuff. After that I’m off to New York with a van full of Burning One interns to worship God in a 100 hour Dancathon… just kidding, it’s just 100 hours of worship and intercession.

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon! In a week or so, I’ll be posting up some pictures from the Empire State.


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