Oh, art! I love art!

There’s something about expression that makes my heart glad.
Maybe it’s the understanding that the Lord enjoys such creativity
Something, to my understanding, neither perfect nor flawed by nature
A whole new category: My own creation!

Big or small
Simple or complex

What matters most to me is that He enjoys me simply because I’m His and He made me. Look at my little mimic work -far beneath human existence, but adequate to strike His heart, somehow!

What a loving God!

With all that said, I really wanted to expound upon my songs from, “Our Hope” (as this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now, only, I’m much more comfortable telling these things in person… I thought of youtube….. but that was a little much for me, and I suppose I can write much more with a little work, and when I’m done it’s all worth it.)

Union is an interesting song, mostly because of the nature of its content. Marriage to Jesus? I could be wrong, but I think this somewhat of a neglected subject among many Christians for various reasons.. (possibly including the seemingly awkwardness of “marrying the Lord.” Who walks around singing, “You’re going to marry me someday, Jesus!” I guess, I’m in that boat.)

I find the subject very important, and a good topic in regards to the theme of the CD. When speaking of the Hope we have stored up for at his glorious appearance in the sky -the day we will see him face-to-face, and receive our glorified bodies, the day he wipes every tear from our eyes and reveals himself fully, it’s important for us to understand where we stand in this event and who we are! We, the believing church, are his Bride and we have much to look forward to in those days!

But it’s much more than some far off event we only have fractions of an imagination for. Even now, we have his Spirit living inside of us as and this causes us to be “knit” to his heart. We get to share in his joy and sufferings, experiencing every blessing in Christ. What is that like? What does it mean to be knit to his heart?

I’m only sure of good things! The Spirit of God lives inside of us as a Helper and Teacher renewing our minds to be transformed to His! What a glorious portion we have to take part in Him! He is our portion!

A pretty neat thing about this song is that the first half (purposefully the parts without the fun musical swirls and hits) is to be sung by the Bride as thankful expression toward her God who has so graciously called her into this beautiful love story. And the second half is to be sung by the Lord who loving reminds the Bride of his faithfulness to her -how he’s brought her into this love and He’s going to fulfill all that He’s promised to her in due time “just around the corner.” Both parts sing almost identical lines as a symbol of unity between Him and His Bride. Notice the final pre-chorus “vocal explosion” -this is symbolic of the Great Joy of God over His Bride! -a subject, I’d really like to emphasize, simply because we can’t even grasp the depths of His heart for us! But what does it look like when we start to get it? I can’t imagine what would happen if she understood this kind of Love! That’s something to really think on!

Another thing, the goofy violin plucks at 3:09 are synonymous for that wild Love of God… just imagine how crazy this all is in the first place. Who were we that He chose to love us before we knew him and betroth Himself to us. But now, what worth we have in Him! What purpose in life, what grandness in everything we do! All because He loves us!

The last minute of the song contains that cool “flutey”, “violiney”, somber sound… reminiscent of that longing ache for him to come back to his Bride! (and of Copeland I hear…). I’m not gonna lie, I can’t even remember if that’s what I was thinking when I played it (it might just be my disposition to play the slower, sadder songs… I’m a huge fan of those), but how cool to see the purpose of God in something as simple as that: Notice each song has a 1 minute outro and it just occurred to me that they all deal with this same feeling -exclusively waiting for his return… and then again, that is what this whole CD is about. I’m just convinced that it was more the Lord to guide me even in those “small” details. That was the overhanging feeling for this album! Of course, I shared that keen eye for detail and that surely played into this all too… but there are some things I just can’t remember if I did on purpose that ended up being extremely satisfying to me. Thank you Lord for that!

Welp… if you haven’t run across it yet, a free download of this song is “hidden” somewhere in my blog, so go give it a listen if you can find it! Enjoy every part of it.

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  1. Joey Harwell

    Good Stuff, man! Keep it up!

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