What is this foreign feeling? I’ve been told again and again by the Lord since my time back from IHOP: “I’m proud of you!” And for the longest time, I’ve only understood in part.

But now it’s so clear!

All that time, I was never judged by Him the way I presumed others would judge me. It’s so true that the Lord’s values are so much higher. I found now that my heart was the object of His aim; the purpose of His discipline.

“Proud of me” just became more exceptional: one more thing that I didn’t perceive in the time.

I wrestled with Him and I received a blessing. That too was His pride.



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2 responses to “Proud

  1. Roseann Marie Morgan

    God is the source of every blessing, and may God bless each and every person on your team with Godly wisdom, protection, health, strength, courage, knowledge, confidence and peace as you continue your journey of spreading God’s love, mercy, His word, salvation and encouragement to others.

    Please tell our dear granddaughter, Olivia, we will continue our daily prayers for the team and send much love to all!!

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