Email from Teresa

Email from Teresa to some of her intercessors on Sunday night:

Shalom praying people!

We are finally here and settling into Jerusalem, I feel like the Lord has so much for us to do here, a few things fell through but our schedule is still PACKED!

Today we are worshipin with Living Bread ministries (where we will be staying in Jerusalem) and going to the city of David to learn about the tabernacle of David being restored here in Israel! We will also be visiting the temple mount and ministering on Ben Yahuda street where we will curb side worship and hand out “free”(prophetic)art! We would appreciate your prayers for miracles and open doors to talk about Yeshua!

Please pray for traveling graces for our team, a lot of people have been getting queezy on the bus, and I actually GOT sick 20 min away from Nazareth; so far I’m the only one tho! BUT we had an AMAZING time in Nazareth with the youth there, the Holy Spirit came down and worship was a blow out! kids Russian Orthodox back ground Messianic Jews were freed to worship in dance and be joyful! The pastor was beside himself at how the Lord came on that group in the ONE night we were there!

We are releasing a sound here! Land night was our first night is Jerusalem and we had a powerful time of intercession as we sang over the City.

Tomorrow is Jericho where there are Palestinian refugee camps we will work with. Wednesday we are going to minister to the broken City of Bethany where they are suffering because of the “intifada” (uprising against Israel) that has left their community cut off from Jerusalem (and it’s jobs!) by the huge “security wall”. We are worshiping in a church next to Lazarus’ tomb and ministering to a family who are going through very hard times, the father sis sick and unable to work but he is a believer and loves Yeshua very much.

Our team is amazing, the worship leaders are powerful and relentless, EVERY ONE is prophesying to this nation and each other!

Thank you for your prayers!


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