Israel Update

Whew! please excuse my delay in updating. We have been going strong with so many things and have had little to no down time

Please pray that the Lord would give us more time and the grace to accomplish the rest of our goals for this trip.

Last night our team relieved prayer room staff at a large prayer room in Jerusalem. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell much more about the place, but I will tell you how sweet the worship was. I actually slept through a great portion of the time, seeing how we were doing 8-8am, but from what I’ve heard and from the little I experienced, there was a sense of the great reality of our Lord’s cry for Israel. He is longing for Israel’s salvation -that they may know and believe in Jesus who was sent into the world to save them from their sins. I might have to let someone else tell more about the night. (Right now everyone else is sleeping because they didn’t get as much sleep as me) On another note, I was awakened by the adhan (Islamic call to prayer that occurs 5 times a day) at 3am and being where I was, I could hear a great multitude much louder than I’ve heard in our usual dwelling… to say the least, it was creepy. I prayed for the truth of God to sweep through the land and shine light on on Jesus who is Lord of All. There is no way to the God but through Jesus. (John 10)

On Monday night we took a long walk, to Ben Yehuda street where we worshipped the Jesus and boldly proclaimed freedom and life over Israel. We were singing things like “Now you have a purpose, Now you have a destiny, He made you for His glory, Jerusalem!” and “You were made for His love!” It was amazing to see how obviously foreign this was as people walking by were suddenly taking pictures and staring at us with strange curiosity. (Reader, understand that a good majority of people here are fluent in English, and from a few conversations on the street we were told it was pretty obvious what we were doing.) A few of our people had some good conversations with people walking up and there were some instances where we got to pray for people!

Those are just some of the highlights for me. Our team will be posting pictures soon which will probably work as a more detailed depiction of what we’ve done. Continue to lift us up in the next few days before we leave for home. Plans for today are to go to Bethany and worship in a church next to Lazarus’s tomb and worship with some of our friends where we’re staying later on.


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