Releasing the Sound in Israel: an informative recap of our trip to Israel

I’m just starting to think of all the things we did on our trip this year and it’s actually quite overwhelming. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable if we had spread the course of our trip over 3 weeks and not 2, nonetheless, the Lord gave our team incredible grace to do such work on a tight schedule.

To start, we all met up in Washington, DC to bond with our team and seek the Lord together before we would head out to the Holy Land. During our stay there, we were heartily sent out by the Burn DC crew, including Roger Joyner, and on another day Dick Simmons, who has long been a vigorous contender and father of intercessors in the District. The Lord really used those few days to minister to our team in a powerful way.

Our first stop in Israel would be right on top of Mt Carmel, where we spent hours a day in worship and prayer with our team and the people from the ministry there. Much of our time in those places involved intense intercession for Israel –that they may know Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and his desire for his people; that Salvation would be clearly seen by all Jews and Muslims and everyone in the Land. On one night we went out to Haifa bay and boldly worshipped the Lord on the beach with our instruments. On another night we met up with a youth group in Nazareth where we brought the freedom of the Lord in worship as well as prayed for the kids and leaders there who have faced serious obstacles in the expression of their love for God. Altogether, we stayed in Haifa for 4 days.

Now on to Jerusalem, we arrived at Living Bread where we stayed the remainder of our trip. From here we engaged in worship every morning with the Living Bread team, which also worked to prepare our hearts for the things we would do in the day.

On multiple occasions we prayed for and encouraged the believers in the land, whether they were facing serious health problems, persecutions or working to establish prayer rooms throughout the city. Our team found it very important that we serve the believers there as they are on the frontlines paving the way for our Lord’s honor and praise.

On one night we took our instruments and worshipped in a square close to Ben Yehuda Street. To my knowledge, Ben Yehuda is, to say the least, comparable to New York City for its densely populated streets –what a perfect place to worship the Lord and proclaim His character? We were quite amazed at how much of a spectacle we were within seconds. People were literately running to take pictures and video of this crazy occurrence in the streets. We sang things like, “Now you have a purpose, Now you have a destiny, Jerusalem!” and “You were made for love!” and from the conversations sparked up with some our team members, we found out that it was pretty clear what we were doing here. This whole experience was probably my favorite on the whole trip.

As mentioned earlier, we visited a good handful of prayer rooms in the city and again worshipped the Lord with other believers. We didn’t only encourage the believers we came in contact with there, we worshipped with them as brothers and sisters accomplishing a single goal that we would seek the Lord in His temple and inquire within.

Along with everything else, we we’re graced to receive some good touring led by one our contacts there. The Lord used such things for our benefit that we could understand better His purposes in the Land to pray and act accordingly.

With everything said, we are recognizing that He has poured such grace upon us that we might understand His work there in the most pleasing way, that we may serve the ones crying out in the Land and ultimately those who are to inherit Salvation as the result of the Body’s prayers and deeds. It was truly our pleasure to join in with His work there, and even now to continue as ruthless warriors for His praise and mercy throughout the world.


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